Keller installed around 3 000 pc of dry deep soil mixing columns (DSM)
Ground improvement for slope stabilization
Ø600 mm columns (13 to 14 m), binder: Multicem, 100 kg/m3
Sheet piles as excavation support for pump station

Spunt Backa Bergögata


In Backa Bergögata, Gothenburg, the client was awarded funds from the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) to improve the slope stability along the Göta river.
The slope stability improvement was conducted under a development project. Keller has been contracted to design and execute DSM columns as in row pattern as a stability improvement measure. Later in the project Keller also assisted with design and execution of excavation support for installing a pump station.


Soft soil close to the river with poor slope stability. Horizontal displacement when installing DSM columns.
Driving sheet piles through hardened DSM columns.


Load spreading wooden mattresses and a scheme for placing of machines. Modified installation patterns including skipping of column rows to allow curing time to obtain increased slope stability safety factors and less displacements.
3 000 columns were installed in rows with an accumulated column length of 39 000 m. Deformations at slope crest were closely monitored.
A sheet pile box 5.4x3.6 m was installed to allow for pump installation.

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