Ground improvement

Ground improvement can increase load bearing capacity, reduce settlement and improve the engineering properties of existing soils. It involves the modification of soil properties or constructing inclusions within the soil to achieve the required performance.

Keller rig demonstrating jet grouting technique

Grouting can be used to strengthen target areas in the ground and control groundwater flow through rocks and soils by reducing their permeability. It’s applicable to both new construction projects and to repair and maintenance work.

Deep foundations

Deep foundations may be the optimal solution whenever weak soils have little capacity to resist an existing load or a change in existing load. They involve the construction of structural elements to transfer loads down to stronger underlying soils or rock.

Earth retention

Earth retention and shoring involve retaining systems and stabilisation solutions using one or a combination of geotechnical products. They can be used to retain soil with a natural, unstable slope or a man-made excavation, and support existing adjacent structures.