Execution of over 9000 square meters of permanent  sheet piles up to 40m depth

Execution of over 250 pieces of permanent anchors with up to 60m depth

Monitoring of anchors with load cells

Sheet piles and drilling in soft soil


The Årstafältet project is currently one of the largest urban development project in Stockholm, Sweden.

There will be over 6000 new homes for 15 000 new residents, in addition there will also be several preschools,
three primary schools, sport halls and so on.

For the upcoming large development project laying the foundation for the future infrastructure was necessary.
The project includes the execution of a recreational park which covers an area more then 30 hectare.


Thick layer of moraine layers, considerably deeper bedrock levels then predicted, remains of wood were found
in the area of the formal dam which was sank for the execution of the retaining wall of the new dam.


Keller with its large experience in the domain came with suitable solutions to ensure execution without interruptions and
eliminated time loss for the client.

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